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      • How do I book a pick-up on KIABZA and consign my pre-owned branded product?

A Seller needs to Register on KIABZA and accept its T&C for Listing. He / She needs to then email / whatsapp KIABZA a few product pictures adequately covering each product’s exterior and interior along with a close-up of the brand logo. Read MoreApproved Brand List.

    • How are products approved at KIABZA and how is pricing determined. Also, what happens to the unapproved products?

Each product is examined closely for Authenticity, Quality & Condition and a thorough internal analysis is made on the marketability of the product(s) taking into account its brand profile & fashion quotient. Read More

    • What are Kiabza’s Margin?

We believe in absolute transparency in our dealings. Click here to view the margin chart for a seller’s reference.

Important Guidelines

What to send

  • Authentic Branded clothing.
  • Clothing of Brands as per our Approved Brand List.
  • Clothes in great condition, without any visible wear, tear or damage.
  • Clothes without any stains or marks of any kind.
  • Clothes in their original shape and size.
  • Clothes with their original colors intact.
  • Clothes which have been washed and are clean.
  • Clothes purchased within the last 3 years.

What not to send

  • Fakes or Replicas.
  • Clothes not as per our Approved Brand List.
  • Innerwear or Nightwear.
  • Clothes with artificial leather.
  • Clothes with visible wear & tear, holes, loose threads etc.
  • Clothes with stains or with marks of any kind.
  • Clothes which have lost shape or where the fabric is overstretched / has shrunk.
  • Clothes with missing or damaged essentials like zippers, buttons, sequins etc.
  • Clothes altered or resized in any way.
  • Clothes which have lost color or have faded.
  • Dirty, unwashed, or foul smelling clothes.
  • Clothes older than 3 years.

Seller Price Estimator

Note: If you have an apparel of a reputed brand but the brand is unfortunately not appearing in the seller estimator, please write to us at [email protected] or contact us on +91-8693881100 and we will get back to you after reviewing the brand profile.

Request a Pick Up
(For Sellers only)