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Promod India

Promod India

Founded by Francis Charles Pollet in 1975, Promod is a French fashion house that designs some of the most exquisite apparel and accessories for women. The fashion label was started by a man who had credible experience in the fabric industry and wanted to leverage his skills to make fashion more feminine and wearable for everyday women.

By the early 1990s, Promod became a powerhouse of style to be reckoned with in Europe. With growing demand from the Middle East, the fashion label expanded their markets and there was no looking back from then.

By having retail outlets across malls and even stand-alone stores, Promod successfully made a name for itself as an apparel manufacturer whose next line was much-awaited. They started their digital operations in 2000, providing an omni-channel experience to all their customers.

The fashion label started its operations in India and Promod India became a lucrative wing for the business. With the Indian populace vying for the fresh colours and delicate fabrics that Promod India offered, which were perfect to wear in tropical weather, the brand looked at the market as posing great potential.

The brand launched various stores and the Promod India wing grew from strength to strength. A strong sense of style and the range of available fabrics acted as the winning combination for Promod India. The brand prides itself in creating fashion that people want to wear almost every day.

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