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Juicy Couture India

Headquartered in Arleta, Los Angeles, USA Juicy Couture is a casual wear and comfort wear brand for women and kids that was established in 1997. Known for their velour tracksuits, the brand became widely-accepted across the globe. They soon expanded their product line and started manufacturing shoes, intimates, sunglasses, yoga wear, babywear and even a wide range of perfumes and accessories.

The brand is synonymous with marketing strategies that are a little evocative and fun. In fact, their tag line reads, Made in the glamorous USA.Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopes, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have known to be wearing the brand on a regular basis, which further added to the popularity of the brand.

Juicy Couture India is seen as a high-end luxury brand for comfort wear and is worn by would-be moms and young teens across the metropolitans of the country. Juicy Couture India has an enviable product line that is available in bright colours and a comfort fit, making the brand acquire a large market share in the fashionable comfort wear sector.

Juicy Couture India has been worn by Indian celebrities like Malaika Arora. The brand further expanded their reach by launching associations with some of the most popular e-commerce sites such as Kiabza.

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Kiabza offers preowned clothes that are just as good as their new counterparts, owing to the stringent quality and hygiene checks that we follow. Only after the products match our quality check, are they listed on the website to be sold.

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