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Pull and Bear India

Pull and Bear India

The 90s were a period that saw fashion take a new turn a welcome change for many as it was no longer limited to only the runways and high-rises. Fashion was on the street and many brands were responsible for doing so. One such brand has been Pull and Bear.

Pull and Bear was started in 1991 and is one of the few brands that is very conscious of what is going on in and around the environment. They design reflects all that is going on in the streets of the cities and towns and is lifted to give to its customers a look that is effortless and casual bundled up in one great piece of apparel. Maybe that is why Pull and Bear India has been doing so well.

Clothes by Pull and Bear India reflect the latest musical trends, social reforms and artistic trends making their fashion lines true to the people who will eventually wear them. Customers love how Pull and Bear India manage to draw inspiration from their daily lives and gives them something unique that resonates more deeply with their lifestyle.

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