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Nike Clothes in India

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Nike Online India

A premium sportswear brand with a strong presence across the globe, Nike needs no introduction. It is one of those very few brands that are well recognised even by those who do not have enough exposure of brands or are not brand-conscious. Even those who don't show interest in brands recognise the iconic Swoosh logo and the brand tagline as Just Do It. Well known celebrities being associated with the brand has further ensured its popularity globally.

With its headquarters near the Portland metropolitan area of Beaverton, Oregon, it is the leading global supplier and manufacturer of athletic apparel, footwear and sports equipment. It is also the most valued sportswear brand around the world. Nike has made its presence felt globally and India definitely features among them. Its availability through their flagship and franchise stores as well as Nike online India portals ensures a wider accessibility among its target audience in the country.

Founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964 and named Blue Ribbon Sports, it was renamed Nike in 1971. The brand derives its name from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. It makes its products available under the names of Nike+, Nike Pro, Nike Golf, Nike Blazers, Air Jordan, Nike Dunk, Air max, Air Force 1 and Nike Skateboarding. Some of its subsidiaries are Converse, Hurley International and Brand Jordan. Its retail stores operate by the name of Nike town. Athletes and Nike-enthusiasts in the country make a beeline to the brand stores or opt for shopping on Nike online India.

Apart from the quality and comfort, the reason why the brand has huge demand and wide acceptability is that it is for professional athletes as well as for fitness enthusiasts and individuals looking for comfort apparel and footwear. Nike has something for everyone. Sportsmen training for games, youngsters who are fitness freaks or planning a hiking tour and elderly people looking for comfortable apparel and footwear Nike is for all. Get into Nike from a brand outlet or Nike online India and rock the world!