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Hollister Clothes in India

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Hollister India

Founded in 2000 by Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister often referred to as HCo. is an American lifestyle brand that was originally designed to attract teenagers in the age bracket of 14-17. However, with the quality of their products being so great, the brand retargeted and expanded into newer markets and has now become a global brand that caters to men, women and children.

Hollister India is known for its casual clothes, namely their T-shirts and beachwear ware products. Though the brand, brags itself on the in-store experience they provide, they have a strong digital-led presence as well. Their in-store experiences have led the brand to become one of the most popular household names in the USA.

With a wide range of products, Hollister India has secured a market share in the country as well and has successfully generated revenue for the company globally. The ease of fits and variety of sizes, add to the popularity of the brand.

Hollister India is also known for offering great products at lucrative prices. In fact, most Hollister India products come at almost 20% less prices than their parent brand Abercrombie & Fitch, making them that much more liked and worn by the youth. Kiabza an online marketplace for pre-owned branded clothing is proud to be associated with a brand like Hollister India, more so because Kiabza offers the products at some of the best prices in the online landscape.

Kiabza enlists all Hollister India products after they go through a stringent quality check. These Hollister India products are then sent for a thorough cleaning process which ensures that global hygiene standards are met, and only then are they packaged and shipped to our customers. Kiabza offers all products from Hollister India at great discounts, which makes wearing branded clothing easier for almost everyone!

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