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American Eagle India

American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., is headquartered in the Southside Works Neighbourhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is an American retail brand as the name evidently suggests. Founded in 1977 by the Silverman brothers Jerry and Mark, it was a subsidiary of Retail Ventures, Inc. that was also the owner of Silverman's Menswear. The brand was renamed American Eagle Outfitters after the Silverman brothers sold the ownership to Jacob Price in 1991.

Twelve Oaks Mall in Michigan was the first location to get the first American Eagle Outfitters store. The brand specialises in a wide range of products like polo shirts, low-rise jeans, graphic T-shirts , sweatpants as well as swimwear, boxers and briefs. It primarily targets the trendy college audience, although youngsters continue wearing the brand well beyond their college years. With a rapidly growing global presence, American Eagle India has also emerged as one of the most favoured brands in the country.

American Eagle India has made a place for themselves in the retail industry, being a brand to reckon with. The brand has a deep insight of the current trends and preferences of the youth, and what resonates among them. No wonder, the designs and product range does not only suit the personality of the college-going crowd, but people continue wearing American Eagle India even after they have left college. The comfort and designs of the clothes grow on them and become their second skin that they just cannot have enough of.

Whether you're out for your customary weekend hangout with your buddies or planning to take swimming lessons or simply feel at home with the super-comfortable boxers, think American Eagle India! Trends come and go, and fashion comes back in a circle. But what remains constant is comfort and convenience. Select clothes and accessories from American Eagle India that match your personality to the T and stay fashionable.