Popular Brands

  1. Abercrombie
  2. American Eagle
  3. Calvin Klein
  4. GAP
  5. Hollister
  6. Aeropostale
  7. Forever21
  8. Hugo Boss
  9. Lacoste
  10. Levis
  11. Nike
  12. Ralph Lauren
  13. Tommy Hilfiger
  14. Zara
Available Brands

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Internationally, exchanging pre owned fashion for cash is as normal as buying fresh fashion. The used clothing industry is pronounced and has a steady purveyor and purchaser base. In India, with the rise of e-commerce, we are slowly and steadily witnessing the rise of online thrift stores.

The concept that online thrift stores based on is fairly simple as people come online, join a website and enlist the branded clothes that they have and post it being sold are paid for it in cash or even digital currency.

Currently in India, Kiabza is a growing marketplace for the buying and selling of branded clothes. We have brought transparency and the assurance of great quality to the concept of cash for clothes.

By buying branded clothes from our customers and selling to new target audiences, we only help create a self-sustaining ecosystem of buyers and sellers, which minimizes and eliminates risks generally associated with cash for clothes.

Our online thrift store has stringent quality standards that ensure that merchandize from only some of the biggest names gets enlisted on our portal. Of course, the quality checks that we follow to ensure that the used clothing is fit for wearing are second to none.

Kiabza believes in offering only the finest used clothing as our customers get clothes that are as good as new, but at throwaway prices. Quality products and luxury brands at the cheapest prices is something that we pride ourselves with offering. We strive to make all our customers and sellers fashionably smart.

Become a part of Kiabza today and be a part of the cash for clothes revolution.